Let the Open Data Model® change the way you manage your data, forever.

The Open Data Model® is cloud based ecosystem that follows the Software as a Service (SaaS) paradigm. The Data Governance Edition consists of a public domain and a private domain. Access to the public domain is open and free to anyone wanting to learn how to make optimal use of their data. To access a private domain in the Open Data Model® you must become a subscriber.

Public domain

Free access

Learn how the Open Data Model® works

In the public domain data models are owned by Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

SIGs cover a range of topics from reference and master data management solutions to industry and project specific models in both logical and physical form.

Members of Special Interest Groups collaborate on the content of these models.

Forums allow any member of a SIG to comment on any model owned by that SIG resulting in a process of continual improvement.

Any model in the public domain may be copied (cloned) by any other member into another SIG or into a model in a private domain.

SIG models are semantic models within a domain of interest.

In the way that they are mapped to their physical equivalents they allow members to see how any canonical data model they create would be mapped to their legacy systems.

Members can see how that indexing and cross referencing gives them control of their data resources. In the public domain, you can learn how to create a canonical data model and use it to gain control of your legacy system data.

Open access to the public domain of the Open Data Model® will enable you to make an informed decision on whether it can provide a solution to your data governance problems

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Private domain


All the features of the public domain plus:

Administer and control the membership of your private domain.

Each subscriber is independent of every other subscriber; they are invisible to you and you to them.

With the ability to clone collaboratively designed and developed data model patterns and industry models from the public domain into your private domain you can get a jump-start on solving your data management problems.

Each subscriber has all the functionality needed to create their own business glossary and semantic model and to import and map that canonical model to their legacy system schemas exactly as they have seen done in the public domain.

The Open Data Model® is a federated model in which all members and subscribers share a single instance of the software but subscribers live in their own private domain.

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